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: . . : , training course-a (Creativity and interculturality na Kipru i Multiculturalism - Teacher's role in the Integration Process of Immigrant Children), job shadowing- . : , , , . : , , . , , , Intercultural school Kosta Trifkovic " ". , , , , .  , + . + (2017-2021).

Project „School internationalization through interculturalism“

Project ’’School internationalization through interculturalism’’ will correspond to school needs: institutional internationalization with Erasmus Plus program acknowledgment, increasing tolerance among teachers and students  towards minority cultures and carrying out intercultural teaching methods. The project consists of several activities such as preliminary phase of mobility, attendance of a pedagogue and a psychologist and three teachers in two training courses (Creativity and Interculturality in Cyprus and Multiculturalism-Teacher’s role in the Integration Process of Immigrant Children), participation of two teachers and a principal at job shadowing in Slovenia and Germany and performing teaching in Slovenia. The aims of the course are developing creative strategies, confronting multiculturalism in class, developing teaching methods that will increase minority culture students’ motivation,  introducing and learning inovative methods of intercultural teaching and their application in a teaching process.The aims of other types of mobility are better intercultural and language competences of teachers and students, introducing European dimension and European educational systems, application of inovative intercultural methods. The last activity of this project is disemination of acquired knowledge through organization of internal courses and interactive workshops, performing experimental and model lessons, putting methods of intercultural pedagogy into effect, creating and updating blog ’’Intercultural school Kosta Trifkovic’’ and organizing sports tournament ’’The beauty of diversity’’. Above mentioned activities will have influence on school, local community, teaching and non-teaching staff of our and ,as well, other schools and,of course,students. We will form a team for Erasmus Plus that will closely follow all the stages of the project,actively participate in its application and plan future activities considering E+ key activities. Erasmus Plus team will promote program, European citizenship,make concrete plan of future E+ activities and that plan will be implemented into Developmental school plan (2017-2021).


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